Hillfarrance is the early stage fund for New Zealand

We invest in Founders that are solving the hard problems that matter.

About Hillfarrance

Our Vision

We believe that the greatest challenges facing our world can be solved by innovators and entrepreneurs. Those who are audacious and courageous, and have a deep empathy for people and making a positive impact to benefit everyone. 

Our Approach

We exist to provide honest advice and education, investment capital that is fair, and an open door to our international networks and connections.

What we invest in

We invest in diverse entrepreneurs who are building sustainable and defensive business models, that democratise new technology, extract unique value from proprietary data and create an unfair market advantage as a result.

What is Hillfarrance

Hillfarrance is named after the British ancestral village of our Founder – Rob. His family’s door was always open to good people and when they entered, they were treated as family – sitting around the fire for a chat and a cuppa.

We may have moved hemispheres but the values remain the same. Welcome to our whānau and our special blend of ego free venture capital.

Get in touch.

Tell us your story: pitches@hillfarrance.com. Even better, get an intro to us through our network.