Our values have helped us craft a platform for our portfolio company founders like no other:



Our Vision, Mission and Purpose


We believe the greatest challenges facing our world will be solved by entrepreneurs who are audacious, passionate, creative, and courageous. We’re here to partner and help their bold vision become a reality.

We exist to serve great entrepreneurs with honest advice and education, investment capital that is fair, and an open door to our international network and connections.

We invest in entrepreneurs who are change-makers and future world creators. Building sustainable and defensive business models, that democratise through new frontier technologies, and extract unique value from proprietary solutions. We are committed to the pursuit of creating prosperity for all.

Hillfarrance is named after the British ancestral village of our Founder – Rob. His family’s door was always open to good people and when they entered, they were treated as family – sitting around the fire for a chat and a cuppa.