Floating Rock Studio

Floating Rock is a powerhouse of creativity and innovation, revolutionising the world of VFX and content.

Why we invested in Floating Rock


The Pitch

A significant game changer is the convergence of media and gaming. It will continue to accelerate and become seamless for consumers. The photorealism of engines like Unreal 5 enables creators to explore, create, and build assets for content projects.




These can be easily migrated from media to interactive games. The most successful new content productions originate from video game IP, such as The Witcher, Angry Birds, Minecraft, Pokemon, and Sonic.

We see this as being a major opportunity for Floating Rock to develop its own IP content creation pipeline for both gaming and media, leveraging the multi-application of tooling, engines and platforms.



  • Founders

    The team’s collective 40 years plus of experience

  • TAM

    On-target to reach a value exceeding $900 billion in the next 6 years.




“At Hillfarrance, we believe the future of VFX does not lie in giant companies with un-environmentally sustainable giant server farms that churn out rendered images. The future is cloud-based, clean and quick processing platforms that can meet rapid consumer demand. “ Rob Vickery - Managing Partner & Founder