An Evening At The Hillfarrance Future Play Mixer


We just wrapped up our time at the NZ Game Developer's Conference, and it was a blast! We also hosted our very first "Future Play Mixer", an event to kick off NZGDC and celebrate the industry we love so much. Below, you'll get a feel of how it all went!
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The Future Play Mixer (FPM) is a yearly event that we host to celebrate the media, content & video gaming industry here in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Last week, we hosted our inaugural FPM in partnership with the NZ Game Developers Conference, where we hosted all of the speakers and sponsors for an evening of wonder, exclusive content & a fireside chat with legendary game designer Charles Cecil MBE.

We also had Rob dressed as a Stormtrooper...

Rob Stormtrooper

We had a blast and can't wait to do it all over again at next year's NZGDC. Once again, we'd like to thank NZGDC for this partnership, BNZ Bank for their collaboration in this event and our amazing sponsors:

  1. Floating Rock Studio

  2. IGC

  3. Lane Neave

  4. AWS For Games

If you would like to support hosting the next kickass Future Play Mixer, please get in touch with us here.

Here's a little summary of the night:



Now, onto the good stuff...

Unveiling never-before-seen content from our portfolio

Above was a sneak peek sizzle reel that we unveiled, showing some of the awesome content from our portfolio companies and announcing to the market that we're doubling down in investing in the future of media, content and video games with our second fund!

Announcing our latest investment in Zero King!

Floating Rock Studio unveiling a super secret trailer of their latest animated series, built all in-house!


Lukas | FPM
IGC showcases the awesome integration they have with local gaming studios to create on-demand, player-generated collectables of in-game characters


IGC | Benji | Dino

Here's Craig gifting Floating Rock Studio their very own 1 of 1 collectable from their newest IP.

New Content from Hashbane Interactive


A Packed Venue of Over 200+ guests from the gaming industry



You can see all the photos from the evening down below:

See all Future Play Mixer Photos Here

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