Why we invested in Segna

Scannable is on a mission to digitise the safety equipment data supply chain.

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As big advocates of all things data and machine learning, we are excited to announce our investment in Segna! Welcome to our Village.


We first met William and Aryan, the Co-founders of Segna, initially through one of our founders. What we saw was a hungry and driven duo looking to change the way data is cleaned, restructured and formatted for the better.


Meet data wrangling


Data wrangling is the process of cleaning, restructuring, and enhancing available, raw data into the desired format to enable informed & better decision making. Primarily, data analysts, data scientists and business analysts perform data wrangling to consolidate data from various sources and several different formats to then have a structured dataset from which they can generate insights from. However, data wrangling is far from perfect.


Currently, the steps in data wrangling are:


Put all these steps together and you get a very drawn out and administrative heavy task for a data analyst, data scientist or business analyst that consumes resources, money and ultimately time.


So what’s the objective or goal after you’ve wrangled the data?
  • To reveal deeper insights from data gathered from various sources

  • To generate actionable and accurate data

  • For data scientists and the like to focus on the analysis of structured, high-quality data.


Data wrangling is such an integral part of overall data analysis but is bogged down by the sheer time it takes. Even with the solutions out there on the market currently, the speed and flexibility to deploy these wrangling pipelines are subpar.


Meet Segna


Segna is a platform that aggregates and cleans multiple data sources at warp speed. Segna does this by automating the data wrangling process using machine learning.

Firstly, automating the process of data wrangling is no feeble task. Having built Segna’s design from the ground up to complement machine learning, Segna’s MVP is truly unique compared with its legacy counterparts. Secondly, automating the data wrangling process enables lightning-fast turnarounds for data scientists to focus on “the good stuff”, such as analysing the structured data to gather insights. Finally, the ability to be flexible with your data pipelines and automate data aggregation and data cleaning are what gives Segna its edge. Segna’s first product, “Segna Bolt” is currently in development for a wider beta release. however, they are offering a Pilot Program for early adopters right now.

The application of data wrangling to be used in machine learning models is another integral part. The faster data is wrangled and structured into the desired format, the faster high-quality data is able to be fed into machine learning models.


So the nitty-gritty


Why you?

Will and Aryan are the founders of Segna and have dealt with their fair share of data. Although young guns in startup-land, Will previously co-founded Zenno Astronautics, a new system for close proximity formation flying, while Ayran was a former data scientist at Halter and technical lead at CubeSat, a nano-satellite company. Together, they both have extensive knowledge of data and machine learning.

Additionally, the duo is incredibly ambitious and have audacious global goals on tackling some of the largest data-wrangling markets, starting with the U.S.


Why now?

We see a steady increase and volume of data being used across organisations for technological advancements such as machine learning, which ultimately drives the growth of the data wrangling market. 

Similarly, data has become more varied and unstructured, necessitating greater time spent selecting, cleaning, and organising data prior to more extensive analysis. Simultaneously, with data guiding almost every business decision, decision-makers have less time to wait for prepared, structured data from technical personnel.

The data wrangling market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.4% and we do not see it stopping anytime soon.


Why they chose Hillfarrance and how we can help them

The last question we always ask founders is “Why us?” How can we help you through your journey in startup land? As most of our core portfolio is in the Artificial Intelligence and machine learning space, we were a good fit immediately and could see how Segna could revolutionise data wrangling. As we have experience in operating and scaling into the U.S market, we are committed to helping Segna through the next chapter of their journey!

We are thrilled they have chosen us to be their lead investor on this round and look forward to working with them to make data wrangling simple, fast, automated and affordable.