State of Play of the NZ Funding Market

Rob Vickery

Last month, in conjunction with Tompkins Wake, we set out to provide entrepreneurs with a snapshot of the current state of the funding market in Aotearoa and to answer the most important question right now – “who is still funding startups during COVID-19”?. 

So far, we have had a strong, early response and received a broad cross-section of responses that we felt it important to the entrepreneurial community to provide the interim results. 

The headline result is that investors, whilst cautious, are still investing in New Zealand-based startups and writing large cheques for early rounds into startups from a range of sectors.

Q: What type of investor are you?

Q: As of 21/3/20, are you still investing in startups?

Q: Would you be willing to share your name?

Q: What is your investment thesis?”

Q: What is your cheque size?

Q: What is your preferred stage of investment?

Q: What industry or sector do you like to invest in?

Q: Where are you located?

Q: How do you like to be contacted?

LinkedIn profiles of some funders

Suse Reynolds – click here

Dino Vendetti – click here

Impact Enterprise Fund – click here

MOVAC – click here

Atin Batra – click here

Disha Patel – click here

Lachlan Nixon – click here

Hillfarrance – click here

WNT Ventures – click here

Enterprise Angels – click here

New Zealand Growth Capital Partners – click here