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Alex was born in Aotearoa; however, his roots take him back to Southern Vietnam and China.

Alex’s passion for start-ups and entrepreneurship is what drew him to join the Hillfarrance Village. Understanding that it really does take a village to raise a start-up, Alex has been pivotal in the investment and due diligence stages of the firm, having been the first point of contact for numerous start-ups and has helped multiple founders raise venture capital.

Prior to hopping on the Hillfarrance Waka, Alex held roles within ANZ Bank and two other kiwi start-ups – one of which was a student discount platform, and the other a Robo-advice start-up.

Having been raised by refugee parents, no task or challenge is ever too hard to tackle with the right mindset.

When Alex is not reading or learning about new technologies and industries, you can find him actively kickboxing, playing the guitar or trying out new food joints.

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Alex Dam
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