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Rob’s purpose in life is to empower others to create a better future for the next generation. He firmly believes that impactful venture capital investment is a pathway to fulfilling his purpose. 

An entrepreneur turned VC, Rob’s career started in the British financial sector and then transitioned to California, where he founded his first venture capital firm in 2012. He raised three funds and made over forty investments into seed-stage startups across the US, Latin America and Israel. He has achieved multiple exits and seed-funded his first Unicorn.

In 2019, he returned to the Commonwealth and permanently planted his personal and professional roots in New Zealand. The Land of the Long White Cloud offered him the opportunity to build Hillfarrance, a firm that was centred around a belief that collaboration generates superior investment returns. This cultural cornerstone enabled Hillfarrance to create several “firsts” in the New Zealand startup venture capital market; the country’s first venture scout programme; an annual, nationwide startup education roadshow; and Collaborative Carry where we share 20% of our profits with our portfolio company founders. As of mid-2022, Hillfarrance has welcomed fifteen portfolio companies to the village and laid the foundations for a multi-generational firm. 

Harken back to his ancestral village of Hillfarrance, located deep in the rural British Westcountry, Rob is passionate about Celtic culture and history and passing it on to his two sons, Arthur and James. When he and his family are not tramping across Aotearoa New Zealand, he is a keen amateur paleontologist, a very average snowboarder and has an almost unhealthy interest in video games.

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