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A new term sheet for version 2.0 of the New Zealand startup market.

As the New Zealand startup economy reaches its next phase, we wanted to usher it in with a new term sheet template for both founders and investors to use and learn from.

The Hearth – Bringing New Zealand venture capital to parity with the global early stage funding market.

On the 26th of November, in Auckland, please come and join us at The Hearth for a discussion on bringing New Zealand venture capital to parity with the global early stage funding market.

Bringing New Zealand to parity on the global startup venture capital process

The article provides a framework for Kiwi founders to consider when aligning the stage of their business with the appropriate level of funding from offshore funds.

Choosing the right investor

As an entrepreneur you reserve the right to run due diligence on your prospective investors. Here is a framework to help you run this process.

All About Control for NZ VC 2.0?

Guest author and Partner at Tompkins Wake, Phil Taylor, explores the levers and culture of control within startup funding rounds and term sheets.

Startup boards – when you need one and how to manage it

Here are our thoughts on when you should create a board for your startup and how you can get the most out of it.

Introducing the Hillfarrance Scout Programme

Ever since I had the idea of creating a new venture capital firm in Aotearoa, I was determined to ensure that it served all of the population, especially the Māori community. With my own son being part Native American, I have a huge respect for indigineous cultures and their belief systems. In my kōrero with […]

The 2021 Startup Capital Roadshow

Organised by the fastest growing NZ seed stage venture capital firm, Hillfarrance Venture Capital, and Tompkins Wake, New Zealand’s leading commercial law firm, we are undertaking a nationwide roadshow stopping at all of the major entrepreneurial hubs in Aotearoa New Zealand.

The games that helped me get through 2020

Here are my favourite games of 2020 and some thoughts on which ones I am most excited to play in 2021.

My thoughts on 2020 and what’s in store for 2021.

It has been 12 months since I launchrf Hillfarrance. Here are my thoughts and observations on the New Zealand startup market thus far.

Optimising startup sales pipelines

The most valuable asset that you, as founders, can manage is time. Balancing time with value is key. Here are headline thoughts on optimising time in your sales pipeline.